Improved Machines- The Core of Greater Output

Machining can be described as a process wherein a piece of raw material is cut in accordance with the desired shape and size. This is mainly done by the material-removal process. The process of machining is common to the manufacturing units for cutting metal, but it can be widely used for different materials such as wood, plastic, ceramic and composites as well. A machining center refers to a machine that is capable of performing multiple tasks of milling, punching, boring, screwing etc. without making any changes to the setting of the machine. Apart from this, the machining center consists of a device that automatically brings the desired tool into its working position or can change the tools at a rapid speed. The machining centers can be classified into two categories. This categorization is dependent on the direction of the spindle. The two categories are the horizontal machine center and the vertical machine center. Since the spindle is oriented vertically in a vertical machine center, henceforth, the spindle approaches the product kept on the table from above. The vertical machine centers are more economical as compared to the horizontal machine centers and are therefore favored for small shop jobs and larger operations as well. While horizontal machining centers favor production, the prime motive of the vertical machine center is to ensure precision and accuracy.

The machine industry plays a vital role in strengthening the economy of a country. As everything is now dependent on machines, this sector is considered to be the lifeline for other industries. The machine industry can be defined as the subsidiary of the main industry, the prime focus of which is to produce and maintain machines for consumers, industries and other companies. The manufacturing of basic power and hand tools, hardware, small -scale machinery and other such industrial components come under the domain of the industrial machinery and equipment industry. This industry is inclusive of drills, nuts, bolts, screws, springs, valves, hoses and other similar industrial equipment’s. The industry is exclusive of heavy electronic equipment and materials related to engineering and construction.

A lathe is a machine that is primarily used to give a shape to wood, metal or any other material. This is done by rotating the workpiece on an axis. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is quite lately being incorporated into new technologies and machinery. An example of this is the CNC Lathe Machine which is broadly used to carry out an array of production processes. The CNC Lathe Machine is technologically driven and has, therefore, replaced the old and conventional production lathes. Also, the CNC lathes are simple to install and operate.