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what you Need for a Dogging Outing

Dogging is a term that refers to conducting sexual intercourse with a stranger in a public setting as other people watch. This is seen as an exciting experience for most people. In most instances, such a scenario is considered illegal. But those who participate have a certain code they adhere to.

You have the internet to help you when you need to know more about getting in on this act. You shall find certain forums where you will learn of the details of the next digging event. These events tend to be open to confirmed members. Those who attend are either there to do it, or to watch others doing it. These scenarios can be set up in so many ways, to allow for a fun time for all involved, whether the participants or the spectators. You can, therefore, attend a dogging event as a single person, or go with your partner, and try out new things there. While you prepare for it, you will need to have certain items with you.

You should buy yourself protection. Getting condoms are the norm. You need to have enough for all those people you will engage with. If you value your health, you will not take chances. Since there are for both genders, it should be easier for everyone to remain protected.

You then need to invest in lubrication. The length of these events tends to wear out natural lubrication fast. Water based lubrications are ideal due to their gentler reaction with latex. You will also manage to have more and deeper orgasms. Women especially need them for their own protection and enjoyment.

You then need to have soft landing. While the idea of going at it on the ground, the hood of the car, or the floor may seem enticing, you will hurt yourselves if it is not a soft place. This is why you need to have a blanket or other soft material for covering the area. In some dogging meets, people bring along thin mattresses or air mattresses. This is how you will enjoy yourself more.

You also need a source of light. You can pick a flashlight. There is no better way to know of all that is happening to you. It will also be necessary if you are there to watch. If the location happens to be dark and remote, the light shall prove invaluable. You need it also to keep insects and reptiles away from you.

You will need to clean up after the dogging. Dogging is a messy affair. This should not be carried home with you. You will even find getting into your car to be too messy. Therefore, you need tissue paper, paper towels, baby wipes, hand towels, water bottles, as well as some antiseptic.

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