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A sign is a representation either drawn or sometimes written whose purpose is to indicate the meaning or the existence of thought or something. These signs are normally used for advertisements of businesses together with the name of the business, the time the business will be operating, the location and also the purpose of the business. A sign should be easily recognized and also recalled. It should be easy for someone to remember the shape or the representation. As much as it should be easy to remember it should also be unique in its own way. A good sign should also show the purpose or the image of the business. Just by looking at the sign of a business one should easily tell the nature of the business that is what it does. People must be able to understand it, and this includes people who are able to read and write and also those able to read and write. This should also put into consideration the difference in education levels of different people in society. A good sign should also be small in size and not too small such that it will be difficult to see. People must be able to see it from in a small size from all directions and angles.

The sign is mostly preferred to be of one color that will be able to distinguish it from other business signs. Business signs are many for example channel letters, monument, a pylon, a billboard or an electronic message center. Channel letters are business signs where every letter is lighted and separated. This includes the cafe, saloon or hotel names that you normally see when passing such places. Most of the times there are logo symbols that are separate. They are usually hanging on the roof above the entrance doors of such places. A pylon is a sign that is usually tall in nature and can be seen by drivers as they drive to their destinations. An example of a pylon is the business signs that show different business that is located in a mall or the same shopping center. Sometimes the owners of the business can put letters that show adverting sales or specials.

A monument is a business sign that is usually very low almost near the ground. They may be placed on a big stone and around the stone there may be a landscape of plants and flowers. Billboard, on the other hand, are usually very big and are eye-catching. They are usually found near roads and highway where drivers and pedestrians will be able to see them as they drive and walk respectively. They should also not be so high such that they cause a distraction as one tries to strain to see them and they also should not be located very near the road or highway. An electronic message center is business signs brought by new technology that allows business to change color and message very easily. They are mostly located along avenues where it could have a moving message of things on sale together with beautiful images

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