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Residential Garage Car Lift Options

Many types of car storage lifts are available in the market. You will find some styles made specifically for small garage and some intended for huge garages for professional use. Whichever category you choose, you should know that these garage car storage lifts strive to last you a long time. Below are some of the most common residential garage car lift options that you will come across.

The post style car lift is the most commonly used car lift for home garages. If you are looking to store different sizes and styles of vehicles in your home garage without using a lot of space, the two-post car lift is a perfect choice. With the symmetrical two-post type of car lift, you will notice two posts positioned across from each other. In the opposite direction, stabilizing bars keep the lift stead. The weight of the vehicle remains in the center through this positioning. Asymmetrical car lifts, on the other hand, have rotated posts where the weight goes toward the front. The use of symmetrical car lifts is great for lifting vehicles that have heavy rears. With asymmetrical car lifts, on the other hand, you get better access to your car interiors.

You can get the four-post car lift if you need to lift heavier cars or if you need a car lift for home garage storage. Having additional posts make the car lift more stable. With this type of car lift, you can simply drive your car toward it. For your home, you can get this car lift for home garage. It is a great option for car enthusiasts. You often find this type of car lift in car show floors, antique showrooms, and auto dealerships. Thus, for a good residential garage car lift option, you should try these post style car lifts.

If you need car lifts for working underneath your car in your own garage, scissor and parallelogram lifts fit the part. You need more space and money for this kind of car lift though. Even so, you get to work with more space when you need to be in the center of your undercarriage. They are also great for checking underneath bigger vehicles.

For mechanics who need to use their car lifts in frequent intervals, the use of hydraulic car lifts fits the part. For mechanics to raise and lower vehicles, the power of hydraulics is what this car lifts rely on. You get an additional level of safety and have an easier time using these car lifts. For the car lift to get power, a specially designed liquid is poured to the pumps and cylinders. You can find some car lifts using both hydraulics and electricity. They are very popular models. You can use them as stable residential garage car lifts. You find many professional storage companies that use this type of car lift.

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